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16 New Major Polices Aimed at Enabling Nanjing to Stand out as a Smart Manufacturing City

2016-8-23 17:19:071362Return

The Implementation Program of Developing Nanjing into China’s Smart Manufacturing City was issued, with 16 new major policies in it.

  It is expected that, by 2020, the annual sales (application) of robot with self-owned brand in Nanjing will top 10,000, and the robot density (number of robots used per 10,000 employees) in key industries will surpass 200. Enterprises of scale across the city will have a substantial increase in the intelligent level of manufacturing equipment, with numeral control proportion of key equipment of critical process exceeding 85%. With a full coverage of smart equipment in large and medium-sized enterprises, Nanjing will rank among the national top in the overall strength of smart equipment. To this end, Nanjing will launch a series of key programs in smart manufacturing industry, smart plant, smart enterprise equipment, financial environment, smart innovation platform, smart manufacturing enterprise service and other fields.

  In a bid to make itself stand out for smart manufacturing, Nanjing has introduced a series of policies. For those enterprises whose development comply with the momentum of smart manufacturing industry, they will be given RMB 10 million at most, a 10% to 30% share of their respective investment volume. Some key programs will be treated specifically. For those to implement smart technological upgrading, 20% of their equipment and software investment volume, as subsidies, will be provided, which will be within RMB 20 million. For those to purchase local robot, complete set of smart manufacturing equipment and system integration application software, 30% of the actual purchase price will be subsidized, which will not surpass RMB 20 million.

  Nanjing encourages the settlement of collaborative innovation platform in smart manufacturing industry, and the maximum of RMB 50 million, 10% to 30% of its investment volume, will be provided. To increase the voice and become a leading role in smart manufacturing industry, Nanjing will set up the overseas R & D institutions and implement high-caliber personnel incentive mechanism.


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