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An Intelligent Manufacturing Carnival of Low-Altitude AIoT and UAV System Innovation



The 2020 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference (WIMC), which revolves around the theme of "Intelligent Manufacturing Promotes High Quality Development," will be held in Nanjing from November 26 to 28. Major events including the opening and closing ceremonies, the theme forums, the sub-forums, and the carnival will kick off online and offline simultaneously. It will be a conference that is empowered by cutting-edge technologies and helps intelligent manufacturing look into the "new future."

The 2020 China (Nanjing) Summit Forum on Low-altitude AIoT and UAV System Innovation, a major event in the carnival of the conference hosted by the Nanjing Municipal People's Government and jointly organized by the Pukou District People's Government, the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the Nanjing Municipal Administration of Big Data, will be held on November 27. Leading enterprises, authoritative institutions, outstanding leaders, and experts at the forefront in China that are involved in the development of UAV systems will gather in the forum to discuss the progress made in the industry and related trending topics. The forum will showcase the latest research results of experts at the forefront in low-altitude AIoT and create cooperation opportunities for important UAV institutions and enterprises.

The UAV industry is an emerging industry of strategic importance in Nanjing. The municipal government has made an enormous investment in it. The Civil Aviation Administration of China recently released a list of the first 13 unmanned civil aviation test sites (test areas) in China. Among them, Nanjing was the only city in Jiangsu Province that was approved as an unmanned civil aviation test area.

In recent years, Pukou District has cooperated closely with Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) and China United Network Communications Limited based on its own geographical advantages, achieved mutual complementarity in cooperation, and actively promoted technical research and the development of the UAV industry. It has built China's first worldwide united network 5G UAV base based on SA networking. In October 2019, Pukou High-tech Zone organized the "2019 China (Nanjing) International UAV System Industry Conference" and released the Pukou High-tech Zone's Policy on the UAV Industry to bring together more leading UAV enterprises and talent, optimize the entrepreneurial environment and innovation ecosystem of the UAV industry, foster a number of heavyweight UAV enterprises that are crucial to the future of the high-tech zone, accelerate the industrial transformation and upgrading in the high-tech zone, and achieve high-quality development.

Sources indicate that the unveiling ceremony of the Nanjing Unmanned Civil Aviation Test Area and the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation will be held alongside talks by celebrities and lectures by academicians and experts.


2020 WMIC

Nanjing · China

November 26-28