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Invitation to the Cloud Expo at the 2020 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference (WIMC


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Invitation to the Cloud Expo at the 2020 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference (WIMC)

The 2020 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference (WIMC) will be held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, from November 26 to 28, 2020. The first-ever cloud expo at the conference will comprehensively display enterprises, products, personnel, capital and application scenarios of the intelligent manufacturing ecosystem through virtual, panoramic 3D booths and pictures and videos.

The cloud expo will be open all year round and updated in real time. It comes with interaction in the form of chat, exchange of business cards, live streaming, and demand release, covering transactions, negotiations and data matching. This "never-ending cloud expo" is a free platform for the supply side and the demand side to reach deals.

The cloud expo is extending invitations to:

(1) Fortune Global 500 intelligent manufacturing enterprises;

(2) Leading global intelligent manufacturing enterprises and service providers;

(3) Famous research institutes and higher vocational colleges in the field of intelligent manufacturing;

(4) Leading Industrial internet and IT-Industry integration enterprises and their representative products;

(5) Representative intelligent manufacturing enterprises and parks;

(6) Financial service institutions in the field of intelligent manufacturing;

Our cloud expo will greet you with open arms!

The cloud expo is arranged in five exhibition areas:

(1) The intelligent manufacturing system solutions exhibition area displays the world's advanced intelligent manufacturing system solutions, covering the Industrial internet, industrial software, intelligent manufacturing platforms, system integration, 5G and industrial application of AR.

(2) The intelligent manufacturing application exhibition area displays exemplary applications of intelligent manufacturing in the key fields of smart grid, rail transit, new energy vehicles, electronic information, biomedicine, aerospace, ocean engineering, and agricultural equipment.

(3) The intelligent manufacturing equipment and public service platform exhibition area displays key intelligent manufacturing technologies, equipment, public service platforms and parks, covering robots, high-grade CNC machine tools, additive manufacturing equipment, intelligent warehousing and logistics equipment and complete sets of intelligent equipment.

(4) The intelligent manufacturing talent exchange area provides information about intelligent manufacturing talent delivered by higher vocational colleges and working in research institutes, covering leading technical talent, professional talent, senior technicians, etc., and releases information about enterprises' need for talent, introduces talent to enterprises, and promotes the integration of production and education.

(5) The intelligent manufacturing financial services exhibition area displays financial institutions, financial service products and integrated financial service solutions that serve intelligent manufacturing, covering the accommodation of funds, credit ranking intermediaries, installment purchase of equipment, derivative services, etc., and provides intelligent manufacturing enterprises with exclusive financial services.

Interested enterprises that are not drawn into legal disputes, disputes over intellectual property rights or a credit crisis can follow updates about the opening time of the cloud platform on our website.

The 2020 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference exhibition hotline:

Ms. Wen 13327802119

Mr. Yu 15365118883

Mr. Ge 18951027366


2020 WMIC

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November 26-28