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WIMC and Its 11 Sub-forums to Kick Off on November 26


WIMC and Its 11 Sub-forums to Kick Off on November 26

Published: Nov. 15, 2020

The 2020 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference (WIMC) will take place in Nanjing on November 26. The CPC Nanjing Municipal Committee and the Nanjing Municipal People's Government gave an update on November 12 on the sub-forums of the 2020 Intelligent Manufacturing Conference (WIMC). Modern Express learned that 11 sub-forums on four themes will be held during the conference. A science popularization forum on intelligent manufacturing will be held so that the general public can get involved in intelligent manufacturing.

According to a press conference, the forums will be held online and offline simultaneously. Some guests will participate on the cloud platform, and the audience can watch the events online to get actively involved in all high-quality forums.


The 11 sub-forums of the conference revolve around four major themes: "overall progress and exemplary applications of intelligent manufacturing," "key intelligent manufacturing technologies," "industrial applications of intelligent manufacturing" and "social ecosystem of intelligent manufacturing". It will be a grand gathering of a slew of leading international and domestic intelligent manufacturing scientists, scholars and entrepreneurs. The 11 sub-forums reflect the conference architecture, as well as the diversity of perspectives and the professionalism of the content. They constitute an organic whole of "independent but complementary modules", and cover the three major aspects of intelligent manufacturing: "academics," "industry" and "ecosystem".


Well-known international and domestic scholars, experts and government representatives invited to the forum will discuss the general trend of the development of intelligent manufacturing in the world, key intelligent manufacturing industries and technologies in China, exchange ideas about the impact, influence and corresponding solutions of products, equipment, production, service, manufacturing cloud, Industrial internet and industrial integration in the field of intelligent manufacturing, and explore the challenges and opportunities faced by intelligent manufacturing in the process of connecting upstream and downstream industries and jointly creating an intelligent social ecosystem.


The conference will also arrange a science popularization forum on intelligent manufacturing so that the general public can talk directly to top experts in the industry, understand the connection between intelligent manufacturing and work and life, and get the general public actively involved in intelligent manufacturing.

Source: Modern Express


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