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China as a manufacturing power enters a new era


Review on the 13th Five-Year Plan 

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the advanced manufacturing industry, represented by high technology, intelligence and flexibility, has been growing and a number of major innovation achievements have emerged: the 5G mobile phone chips have been commercially available; C919 has entered the test flight stage in full swing; "Xuelong 2" has been delivered and finished the exploration of the South Pole; Fuxing bullet train with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour has been put into commercial operation; the Long March 5 heavy-lifting rocket has been successfully launched; Beidou navigation system has realized global networking and started to provide services to the world … 

The officer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said in an interview that during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, China has made great achievements and reached a new level in the manufacturing industry through hard work and continuous efforts. With the integrative development of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other new generation information technologies with the manufacturing industry, the manufacturing industry is actively moving forward to the direction of high-end and high added value, the pace of transformation to intelligent and service-oriented is accelerating, and the proportion of advanced manufacturing industry is increasing. 

The ability of innovation has been significantly enhanced 

On September 16, the development of the internal combustion engine ushered in a historic new breakthrough wordwide. As a leading enterprise in China's equipment manufacturing industry, Weichai Group officially released the world's first commercial diesel engine with a thermal efficiency of 50%, overcoming a worldwide problem. Volkmar Dunnar, chairman and CEO of Bosch group, the world's largest auto parts supplier, said that with this innovation, Weichai Group once again laid itself as a world-class diesel engine manufacturer. 

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the scale of China's manufacturing industry has steadily increased. "China's manufacturing industry has a fairly complete foundation, creating good conditions for the development of advanced manufacturing industry in China," Xu Zhaoyuan, Vice Minister of the industrial economy research department of the development research center of the State Council said. China has become the only country with all the industrial categories listed in the United Nations Industrial Classification in the world. The industrial economic scale has ranked first in the world for many years. The capacity of household appliances, shoe making, cotton spinning, chemical fiber and clothing accounts for more than 50% of the world, forming a unique advantage with the super scale and complete system as the core. In August this year, the added value of industries above designated size increased by 5.6% year-on-year, which strongly supported the stability of the national economy. 

"At present, a network innovation system with 17 national manufacturing innovation centers and more than 130 provincial manufacturing innovation centers as the core nodes has been preliminarily formed. The continuous supply of a series of common key technologies in power batteries, additive manufacturing, printing and flexible display, information optoelectronics and other industries has been preliminarily solved, and the innovation capacity of the national manufacturing industry has been significantly improved," the officer of the Planning Department, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said. 

The pace of cultivating new industries has been accelerated 

The shoemaking production line will be live broadcast in real time. Consumers can place orders immediately after they see the style they like, and then production will be scheduled on the production line immediately. The data intelligent system in the background supports the enterprises with flexible and customized production of small batch. On September 25, an unusual live broadcast took place in the production workshop of Tianchuang Fashion, a footwear brand. This is the first C2M (consumer direct connected with the producer and manufacturer) mode in the shoe industry jointly created by Tianchuang Fashion and Kunzhan Technology. Min Wanli, founder of Kunzhan Technology Co., Ltd., said that the digital transformation of the industry is the general trend. This live broadcast is actually a deep integration of informatization and manufacturing enterprises, providing a new reference for China's industrial transformation and upgrading. 

During the period of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the cultivation of emerging industries have been focused on. The industrial structure of China's manufacturing industry has been continuously optimized, and the advanced manufacturing industry has developed vigorously. 

Through a series of measures, such as promoting the construction of Internet of vehicles and artificial intelligence innovation and application pilot area, accelerating the development of new technologies, new industries, new formats and new models, a number of strategic emerging industries have made major breakthroughs. For example, in the field of high-end equipment, China's high-end machine tool equipment has made important breakthroughs in independent development, key technology, product research and development, engineering application, etc. The 12 meter horizontal double five-axis mirror milling machine, 15,000 tons of aerospace components hydraulic deep drawing equipment and so on fill in the domestic gap. The market share of domestic high-end numerical control system has increased to more than 20%. The output of industrial robots in China has increased from 33,000 in 2015 to 187,000 in 2019. In 2019, the consumption of industrial robots reached 143,000, ranking first in the world for 7 consecutive years. A group of high-quality enterprises such as Shenyang Xinsong, Suzhou Green have emerged. 

In the field of integrated circuits, Huawei Hisilicon released Kirin 990 5G chip based on 7-nanometer process, and achieved mass production in SMIC's 14 nanometer process. The key equipment of integrated circuit covers more than half of the 12 inch production line process. 

Core competitiveness has been significantly improved 

For every 8 laptops sold in the world, one comes from Lenovo Hefei industrial base, which is the largest PC R & D and manufacturing base of Lenovo Group in the world, and its products are sold to 126 countries and regions. On September 3, two new production lines of Lenovo Hefei Industrial Base - "Shuixing line" and "Nezha line" were officially put into operation, which organically combined big data, industrial Internet, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other technologies with production and manufacturing. This means that the intelligent manufacturing of Lenovo Hefei industrial base has entered a new period of development, with more flexible customization and more rapid delivery and higher quality production control.

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology carried out the intelligent manufacturing project, promoted the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, and increased the technological transformation of enterprises. The pilot demonstration of intelligent manufacturing covered 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and 92 key industries and approached the advanced level of foreign countries in the fields of refining, dyeing and household appliances. 

The officer of the Planning Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that during the 14th Five-year Plan period, China will also closely follow the requirements of high-quality development, take deepening the structural reform of the supply side as the main line, accelerate the upgrading of manufacturing industry to high-end, intelligent, green and service, and promote the continuous development and growth of advanced manufacturing industry. 


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