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Industrial Brands Festival unveils at 2020 WIMC via the Cloud


On November 18, the Industrial Brands Festival, one of the highlights of the 2020 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference (WIMC), was launched on the conference's official website. The Industrial Brands Festival pioneered the use of digital platforms to showcase the most cutting-edge technologies, products, and solutions in the field of intelligent manufacturing. It also helps the participating enterprises to build a targeted supply-demand matchmaking platform, becoming another highlight of the upcoming 2020 WIMC.

A Platform to Present the Top Event in Intelligent Manufacturing via the Cloud

As the world's top event in the field of intelligent manufacturing, the 2020 WIMC will be held in Nanjing from November 26 to 28. The conference is co-hosted by the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Engineering and China Association for Science and Technology. It will take “Intelligent Manufacturing Leads High Quality Development" as the theme, bringing together the world's leading enterprises, authoritative organizations, distinguished leaders and leading experts in intelligent manufacturing to focus on and discuss the intelligent manufacturing development trend and hot topics under the current situation.

In order to implement the requirements of normal prevention and control of the epidemic situation, the 2020 WIMC will adopt the mode of “online-based, online-offline combined”. In addition to its key events such as the Launch Ceremony, Closing Ceremonies and Main Forum, it will also hold Sub-forums and the Carnival activities. Relying on the holographic cloud platform, the conference is empowered by high and new technology to carry out activities such as the Cloud Expo, cloud meeting, cloud negotiation and cloud management. It aims to realize a new experience of a whole-process and whole-scenario way to host and participate in exhibitions while covering all the links in the exhibition, including investment promotion, exhibition and display, forum and meeting, negotiation and contract signing, management services, and operation and dissemination. When breaking the barriers of time, space and language, it will allow enterprises and visitors to participate in the conference in a "screen-to-screen" way.

Technology Empowerment Technology Innovation Drives Manufacturing Growth


The new generation of intelligent manufacturing is a super system that mainly consists of four major functional systems: intelligent products and equipment, intelligent system solutions, intelligent production and intelligent service It will be widely applied in the whole process of the manufacturing value chains such as product innovation, production innovation and service innovation of intelligent manufacturing, giving birth to new models and business forms of the manufacturing industry.

An example can be drawn from ZTE's innovative results brought to the 2020 WIMC. As 5G's empowerment of the manufacturing industry has become prominent, ZTE has accumulated many practical achievements in the field of 5G industrial Internet with continuous research and exploration in "5G+" intelligent manufacturing scenarios and 5G industrial standards. Through the "5G+industrial park" cloud computing and Digital Twin technology, it has developed the5G robot cleaner, 5G patrol robots, machine vision quality inspection, cloud-based AGVs and other 5G industrial technologies. At the same time, ZTE is constantly exploring ways to integrate infrastructure and other construction to promote digital transformation in thousands of industries and create greater value for customers and society.

Alibaba's "Rhinoceros Intelligent Manufacturing Platform" takes current consumer demand as the core and is driven by digital technology. It integrates big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things technology, and reconstruct the relationship between supply and demand through intensive supply chain network and digital flexible manufacturing. In this way, it aims to achieve on-demand development and production, thus opening a new "on-demand manufacturing" wave. In June 2020, Alibaba's "Rhinoceros Intelligent Manufacturing Platform" was awarded the World Economic Forum's "Lighthouse Factory" title, making it the first certified lighthouse factory in the global apparel industry. This is an important step for the Internet platform to explore the "factory of the future", giving a new model for exploring future manufacturing in the era of the digital economy.

And Siemens Digital Industries Group, an innovator in the field of automation and digitalization, together with its partners and customers, is driving digital transformation in process and discrete industries, providing manufacturing companies with end-to-end products, solutions and services that can be integrated across the entire value chain. Against the backdrop of having a strong and efficient enterprise supply chain support, these companies participating in the Industrial Brands Festival are moving towards agility, intelligence and security through the Cloud Expo of the 2020 WIMC.

The 2020 WIMC will continue the tradition of the previous conferences and strive to create an international platform based in China and facing the world that fully demonstrates and exchanges the latest achievements, latest technologies, latest models and latest trends of global intelligent manufacturing. The year 2020 is special. This year, we will focus on the present and future of high-quality development of manufacturing and in-depth exploration of online and offline intelligent manufacturing of all. With a collision driven by a "super engine", we will show the world the power of intelligent manufacturing.

Cloud Connections Industrial Brands Festival Bridges Supply and Demand

As a pilot activity of the 2020 WIMC, the Industrial Brands Festival aims to provide a platform for participating enterprises to showcase cutting-edge technologies and innovations, promote information exchange between enterprises and potential customers, and facilitate the matching of supply and demand and the transformation of results. The activity focused on nine industrial categories of enterprises that are closely associated with intelligent manufacturing, including mechanical equipment, industrial lighting, chemical and metallurgical, hardware tools, household appliances, automotive supplies, digital electronics, electrotechnics and electric as well as security. Internationally renowned enterprises such as Siemens, Phoenix, Arkema, Novozymes, and SKF are also included.

The Industrial Brands Festival takes advantage of a relevant e-commerce platform to gather the trade crowd for domestic bulk purchases. At present, in the field of industrial goods trading, the festival has covered many industry sectors, including electrotechnics and electric, hardware tools and instruments, electronic components, involving a large number of upstream and downstream enterprises in the intelligent manufacturing industry. Leveraging on the platform's technical advantages, the Industrial Brands Festival will feature customized promotions for participating companies and products. Based on product characteristics, the platform will automatically match traffic, and continue to optimize in the delivery process, thus achieving the best delivery effect with targeted supply-demand matchmaking.

Digital Road Intelligent Manufacturing Gains New Momentum


Intelligent manufacturing, as an important driving force of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, has become the main approach to promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. It is against this backdrop that the WIMC was initiated. Since the first WIMC was held in 2016, a total of nearly 1,000 government, industry, academia, research, gold media and other elites from all walks of life from more than 20 countries have attended the conference, with nearly 40,000 forum attendees and over 400,000 exhibition visitors. While maintaining its high specifications, this year's conference adopts cloud technology for the first time and embraces the digital platforms. This new model can effectively eliminate the impact of the epidemic and strengthened the entire intelligent manufacturing industry's internal docking collaboration and connectivity with the outside world.

For most of the intelligent manufacturing enterprises, participating in the Industrial Brands Festival and Cloud Expo can showcase their latest technologies and top products on a larger scale, precisely match target customers and achieve transformation. At the same time, the new model can open up aspects such as online display, promotion, negotiation, trading and others to upgrade its own link, channels, management and marketing. Through that, enterprises can obtain more trade opportunities, and the industry will also gain the momentum of sustainable development.

This year, the Covid-19 epidemic has profoundly impacted the global manufacturing and supply chain. The 2020 WIMC explores the in-depth concepts, ideas, models and paths of intelligent transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry under the new situation. The launch of the Industrial Brands Festival as a pilot event of the conference not only marks this traditional event's cloud-based transformation but also demonstrates the infinite possibilities of the intelligent manufacturing industry to expand new channels and create new models in the era of the digital economy. It is believed that the upcoming 2020 WIMC will present the world with a new picture of industrial development that emphasizes "Intelligent Manufacturing Leads High Quality Development".


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