2020 WIMC


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  1. Nov.26(Morning)

    WIMC Launch Event and Main Forum

  2. Nov.25-27

    Theme Sub-Forums

    Overall Progress and Sample Applications of Intelligent Manufacturing

    Forum on S&T Progress in Intelligent Manufacturing

    Summit Forum of Jiangsu on the Development and Future Path of
    Intelligent Manufacturing& Development Strategies of China's Engineering S&T

    Key Technologies of Intelligent Manufacturing

    Forum on Intellisense Technologies and Application

    Forum on Decision-making Techniques and Application in Industrial Internet

    Forum on Robots Co-existing with Humans and New Application Scenarios

    Industries and Applications of Intelligent Manufacturing

    Summit Forum on Intelligent Manufacturing of Fiber and Composite Materials

    Energy and Process Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Forum

    Forum on Boosting the Reform of the Automotive Industry Through Intelligent Manufacturing

    High-end Forum on Empowering the Biomedicine Industry Through Intelligent Manufacturing

    Social Ecosystem under Intelligent Manufacturing

    Intelligent Manufacturing Talent Forum & Talent Lectures

    Forum on Opening Future Life Through Intelligent Manufacturing

  3. Nov.26

    Cloud Expo(Official Launch Ceremony)

    The virtual cloud exhibition hall is provided to comprehensively display enterprises, products, talent, capital, application scenarios, and other aspects of intelligent manufacturing in such forms as virtual panoramic booths and exhibits, cases, pictures, texts, and videos, thus establishing an intelligent manufacturing ecosystem on the cloud platform. The cloud purchasing platform and supply-demand matchmaking system are provided to form the mechanism for targeted supply-demand matchmaking.

  4. Nov.28(Morning)

    Closing Ceremony

  5. WIMC Launch Event(A Week)


    On the basis of the previous brand activities like the China-Germany Intelligent Manufacturing Forum, a series of annual brand activities in combination with hotspots, the current situation of the industry and industry trends will be held.